Planning a Perfect Party to Celebrate a Bonanza Year for Your Company

Whether you have just landed a huge client, had a bonanza year across a few clients or finished up a big project, it can be a good idea to get the staff together to celebrate their achievement and thank them for their extra work. Here are some tips to make the event go off well. 

Make it unique

Everyone has a roster of standard cocktail parties to go to, so it can be a great idea to work out ways to make your party unique. Some ideas include making a literary-themed party based on a famous book or movie, like the Great Gatsby, or choosing a colour theme like blue and making sure all of your drinks, decorations, and possibly even the marquee are in that colour. This makes the party more memorable and ensures that it doesn't become just another work obligation. 

Have fun

As the thing that most people have in common at a workplace is work, the conversations easily turn back to work projects. It can be a good idea to have some other activities planned that help people to have something else to chat about. This could include, for example, hiring a marquee and setting up some outside games including bocce and croquet. These are a good way to add some interest to the party and give the shyer people somewhere to go and something to chat about. You can also consider hiring a karaoke machine and letting people get up and belt out their favourite songs with their teams. 

Have some prizes prepared

If people have done some jobs that are over and above during the project or over the year, it can be a good idea to have some prizes on offer to say thank you. While the bulk of the remuneration benefits are likely to be privately shared as a bonus, it can be a great idea to publicly acknowledge them in front of their peers as a way of recognising this excellence. For some people, this public recognition can be as important as financial remuneration in making them feel valued. 

If you don´t have the time or capacity to plan a great party, it can be a good idea to hire a party planner. They can help to work with you, within your budget, to plan a fantastic party that lets your employee know how much you have valued their work contribution over the past year.